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The Latehomecomer

February 23, 2023
10:00 AM
February 23, 2023
12:30 PM

Best Suited for Grades: 3rd-12th
Duration: 74 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Literature Based, Emotional Development, Multiculturalism, Character Growth
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Told with the immediacy of the author as a young girl, born in the Ban Vinai Refugee camp in Thailand, Kao Kalia arrives in the United States when she is six. The story follows her journey from a quiet, reticent student struggling to speak English while facing racial discrimination, to a self-empowered young woman claiming her voice to tell the untold story of her people. 

In search of a place to call home, thousands of Hmong families made the journey from the war-torn jungles of Laos to the overcrowded refugee camps of Thailand, finally emigrating to America; but lacking a written language of their own. Driven to tell her family’s story after her grandmother’s death - the Hmong experience has been primarily recorded by others - The Latehomecomer is Kao Kalia Yang’s tribute to her remarkable grandmother whose spirit held them all together. It is also an eloquent, firsthand account of a people who have worked hard to make their voices heard.

Literature to Life presents
The Latehomcomer: A Hmong Family Memoir
By Kao Kalia Yang
Performed by Gaosong Heu
Adapted by Aurea Tomeski & Elise Thoron
Directed by Elise Thoron
Based on the novel The Latehomcomer: A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang
2008, published by Coffee House Press



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