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Buyer Beware! A Guide to Safe Purchasing at Gallagher Bluedorn

It’s happening more and more - customers like you, contacting the ticket office about the tickets they purchased online. “Why haven’t I received them? Why did I pay $150 a ticket when they're advertised at $45?” They swear they bought from UNItix, the website looked so real….

You search the interest for the artist, event name or venue.  You click on the top site that appears, assuming it must be valid.  But, scammers/ticket resellers buy ads assuring they show as the top search results - the venues, like Gallagher Bluedorn, cannot compete. Scammers, and there are many, duplicate venue maps, create websites that seem valid, and indicate a sense of urgency (limited inventory! buy now to secure your tickets!).  They also charge far above the face value of these tickets. Unfortunately, this is not illegal and if you do buy from a reseller, there is nothing the venue can do to help if you encounter issues with your tickets.

Below are some tips when buying tickets for events taking place at Gallagher Bluedorn:

  • Always go to or to begin your ticket buying journey. Refrain from using a search engine (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) as you may be misled by false advertising.
  • If a show is sold out, the only reseller to trust is, as they are our verified ticket reselling partner.
  • Bookmark these sites in your preferred browser for future online buying.

You can always purchase in person or over the phone. UNItix is available Monday through Friday 10AM-4PM.  We can be reached at 319-273-4849 or at We are here to help!

Blog by Molly Hackenmiller, Assistant Director of UNItix