Ovation Society

Now is the time to make an impact on generations of Iowans, allowing them to experience the same joy and inspiration you have experienced at the Gallagher Bluedorn.

You can do this by leaving your legacy through the Gallagher Bluedorn’s Ovation Society. Contact us for more information, 319-273-3672.

Make an Impact

Ovation Society Members

Hope Martin “Buzz” Anderson
Pauline R. Barrett Charitable Fund
Dr. Berdenea J. Beach, Ph.D.
Gale Bonsall
Keith and Joyce Borglum
Robert and Kathleen Braun
Hovey Brom
Rev. Dr. Leona Weiss Brownell
Randy and Julie Brunscheon
Jim and Kay Buchwald
Verjean M. Busching
Russ Campbell
Dennis & Charise Clark
Jim and Amy Coloff
James and Doreen Cook
Russell and Diane Curtis
Michael and Patricia Deters
Duke and Lisa Dierks
Janet Drake
Deb and Dale Emmert
Margaret and Paul Empie
Pamela Trelstad and Frank Esser
Larry and Sandy Fox
Edward J. and Catherine C. Gallagher
Gallagher Family Foundation
Dr. Ralph and Harriet Goodman
Geoffrey and Vicki Grimes
Joel K. and Linda L. Haack
Jean R. Hall
Judith F. Harrington
Noreen M. Hermansen
Dennis and Camille Hogan
Terri and Steve Jackson
Howard V. Jones
In Memory of Marvin H. Klepfer
Terry and Martha Kroese Fund
Dennis and Holly Kruger
James Lubker and Karin Lubker Holmgren
Patrick and Ann Lyons

Brooks and Wendy Martin
Charles and Marleta Matheson
Jvone E. Maxwell
George F. and Carylann Mucha
Jim Mudd, Sr.
Cheryl and Kenneth O’Brien
James D. and Frankee Oleson
Jons and Ann Olsson
David and Cindy Peters
Dianne Phelps
Kathleen Porter
Thomas and Maureen Porth
R.J. McElroy Trust
Veda Rasmussen
Ruth E. Ratliff and Jan C. Robbins
Joanne Latta Reeves
The Robertson Family Trust-James L.,Jeanene
and Susan L. Robertson
Dr. Ronald and Lois Roskens
Joan Rozendaal
Milt and Joanie Roth
Jim and Ardy Rydell
James and Sharon Scherbring
Helen and Martin Schumacher
Ralph J. and Jane Sherwin Schwartz
Paul and Liz Stapella
Tom and Sue Taiber
Mary Taylor
Diane Thiessen
Jean A. Trout
Shirley and Howard Uehle
John and Beulah Vermazen
Marilyn and Peter Voorhees
Charles Walker
Jim and Carol Waterbury
Tara and Jason Witham
Cathy and Rick Young
Don C. and Carolyn Bruce Zuck


Giving Options

Cash Gift

With a contribution of at least $25,000, or an annual commitment of $5,000 for five years, you can direct your gift to the area most meaningful to you.

Named Endowment

With a commitment of at least $40,000 you can create an endowment named for you, your family, or a loved one with a focus in an area that supports your arts and cultural interests.

Planned Gift

With a planned gift of $50,000 or more you can leave a lasting impact on Gallagher Bluedorn far into the future.