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Feb 3 - Mar 26
/ (All day)

This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the great American who freed herself and hundreds of others from the bonds of slavery. Her courage helped to change the world. 

Mar 1 - 5
/ (All day)

Jabari Dreams of Freedom

Kaleidoscope Series

10 year old Jabari loves to paint. And through these paintings and in his dreams, he escapes the reality of a friend hurt by police violence and the turbulent world around him.

Mar 4 / 8:00 PM

Conrad is joined by UNI Bass Instructor Alex Pershounin and UNI alumnus Tim Crumley to perform a program called Unsung Heroes, featuring music by often under-appreciated artists. 

Mar 8 - Apr 9
/ (All day)

Little Red Hen

Kaleidoscope Series

“Who’ll help me plant the seed?” asks the plucky red hen as she begins the process that goes into making a loaf of her delicious bread. “Not us,” say the sheep, the cow, the horse, and the pig....

Mar 11 / 8:00 PM

Faculty from the UNI School of music present an evening of new music.

Mar 18 / 8:00 PM

Local Legends: The Heavies

Gallagher Bluedorn

The Heavies bring the ROCK! 

Mar 25 / 8:00 PM

Cellist Hannah Holman along with pianist Dr. Réne Lecuona present a program of late romantic sonatas by women composers: Ethyl Smith, Henrietta Bosmans, and Dora Pejacevic.  Juicy amazing music,...

Comedy Night with Orlando and Tammy

Mar 27 / 7:00 PM

This double-feature comedy night is the perfect way to enjoy the safe and social entertainment we've been longing for! 

Apr 1 / 8:00 PM

Wooden Nickel Lottery has been honing its exciting original blend of blues & rock since 2014.

Apr 8 / 8:00 PM

Katie and the Honky Tonks bring a fresh take and original arrangements on honky tonk and old time country music inspired by the Bakersfield sound. We bring a crowd that is thirsting for something...

Apr 15 / 8:00 PM

The Emeritet was formed in 2019 by pianist/composer Dr. Robert Washut, who retired from the University of Northern Iowa School of Music in 2018, after 38 years.

Apr 22 / 8:00 PM

The Cedar Wapsi Brothers are a four piece variety group made up of area veteran musicians with over 100 years’ experience and education to back it.

Apr 29 / 8:00 PM

Local Legends: Above Ground

Gallagher Bluedorn

Old friends making music together.

Jun 3 / 8:00 PM

Local Legends: Joel Sires

Gallagher Bluedorn

Joel Sires has a deep musical past. He has played with many talented musicians while a member of Cedar Valley legends Teddy Boys and TWINS. Joel’s songs combine so many elements of music as well...

Jun 17 / 8:00 PM

Rock, Country, and Blues — driven by the passion of the live experience, the Bernemann Brothers Band fits like a favorite pair of blues jeans.