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Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon Played Live in Its Entirety By Master Cover Band


The Band

Classic Albums Live is a Canadian concert series where musicians play iconic albums in their entirety, track by track. The series was launched in 2003 in Toronto by musician Craig Martian, who had previously produced a number of boutique cabaret events and written music for television and movies.

The group performs over 100 shows per year all over North America, replicating 41 different classic rock albums. Classic albums in their repertoire include: Queen’s “A Night at the Opera,” Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours,” ACDC’s “Back In Black,” and more. A different lineup of artists perform each album on their tours, guaranteeing a unique and exciting experience each show!


The Iconic Album

Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon,” is considered one of the best albums ever recorded. Debuting on March 1, 1973, the album spent more than 900 weeks in the charts, selling an estimated 45 million copies worldwide. The album became so successful because of the tempos and the unique instrumentation on the record, which was often listened to in its entirety. 

Drawing on real life experience the band faced, the concept album explores the philosophical and physical principles that can cause insanity and, ultimately, an unfulfilled life. The album is split into two different parts. The first half portrays leading an unsatisfied life, while the second half discusses various beliefs and concepts that are bad for society and can create insanity. This world renowned, innovative album is performed in its entirety by Classic Albums Live so modern audiences can get a full sense of this album’s magnitude.

“There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.”

The Unforgettable Experience

Craig Martin, founder of Classic Albums Live, shared about the show that “Musicians care about this album. It was our flagship show in 2003. It’s the album that changed everything. It’s a masterpiece that will be remembered forever.” The band wants you to experience the music how it was intended, just like the artist wrote it. Audiences are invited to sit back and be transported to the early 70s when the album was first released. 

Spend your Sunday night here at Gallagher Bluedorn with the music of Pink Floyd. Purchase tickets for the January 29 show at Adult tickets range from $25-$60. 


Blog by Kaylee Oskvig, marketing assistant