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What To Expect At A Candlelight Concert

Are you wondering what to expect from a Candlelight Concert?
Here are answers to some FAQs to help you prepare for the experience!


What do I wear?
Wear whatever is comfortable to you! Whether you’re wearing a suit, fancy dress, or jeans and a flannel, we want you to wear what you’d like. Candlelight Concerts aren’t fussy! 

How do I know when to clap?
You can applaud whenever the urge hits you! Traditionally, applause is held until the end of a performance in classical music, but Candlelight Concerts are different. If you feel moved by a piece or want to show your appreciation, go ahead and applaud.

How will I know where to go?
We’ll send out an email a few days before the event detailing everything you need to know, including parking and entrances. Signs will help direct the way. 

What’s it going to be like?
We have thousands of electric candles that will illuminate the historic space. Seats will be placed around the performers - called “In the Round”, so you can really see and hear the artists as they perform. All seating is general admission. The Petrichord Quartet is a four piece string quartet (2 violins, viola and cello) from UNI’s School of Music, and they’ll be playing some classical pieces in addition to pop pieces you may recognize from the radio. There will be something for everyone!

Will there be concessions?
Water and soda will be available. 

When should I get there?
Doors will open at 7pm and the performance starts at 7:30pm. If you need to buy a ticket or pick up Will Call tickets, the box office will be open at the venue at 6pm. Allow a little extra time to browse the incredible art from the Youth Art Team! If you arrive late, don’t worry. We’ll get you seated when there is a pause in the music. 

Should I bring my kids?
You know your children the best. If they can sit quietly through a performance like this, by all means, bring them! If you feel like they may be squirmy or chatty, perhaps it’s a good night to get a sitter and enjoy a night out with adults. Youth pricing is available for this event. 

What if I need to get up in the middle of the performance?
If possible, wait for a break in the music. Our ushers will be there to assist you! There will not be an intermission.

Why is this at the Youth Art Team space? 
When we thought of iconic spaces in the Cedar Valley, the Youth Art Team space immediately came to mind. In its former life, the Masonic Temple, now Park Ave. Lofts, hosted musical performances in the space for decades. The Youth Art Team has partnered with the Gallagher Bluedorn on the event every step of the way, from helping to determine the date to assisting in the selection of the performers. In addition to hosting the event in their hall, the artists with the Youth Art Team will be helping out at the concert and showing off their artwork.