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Kaleidoscope Series

Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries

March 6, 2023
10:00 AM
March 6, 2023
12:30 PM

Best Suited for Grades: 2nd-6th
Duration: 1 hour
Curriculum Connections: Fine Arts, Literacy, Mathematics, Character Building
Study Guide: CLICK HERE for the complimentary study guide

Prepare to be amazed, dazzled & bewildered by Cahoots’ mind-blowing productions Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries - a spectacular show where math, theater and digital technology collide to create a fun and interactive performance proving that understanding math can be fun! 

Meet Danny Carmo: It’s not so long ago that he thought school and, in particular, math wasn’t for him. He was more interested in dreaming about a future on the stage and perhaps the big screen...all he ever wanted to be was a famous magician! But, when Danny knuckled down to learn all the tricks of the trade he realized that math was not only essential, but was the SECRET to a whole load of magic!

Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries has been developed with schools and features key curriculum connections for an elementary school audience, from Cahoots, the award-winning makers of The University of Wonder & Imagination, Lights! Camera! Math! and Secrets of Space.

Produced by Cahoots NI from Belfast, Northern Ireland


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