Presented by
Gallagher Bluedorn

Local Legends: Joel Sires

June 3, 2021
8:00 PM
Free and Open to the Public

Joel Sires has a deep musical past. He has played with many talented musicians while a member of Cedar Valley legends Teddy Boys and TWINS. Joel’s songs combine so many elements of music as well as bits and pieces of the artists we know and love. His catalog allows each listener to connect his original music.

“Dog Years” is the first solo release by Joel Sires. This 4 song release features Joel’s strongest songs to date recorded with an amazing band. Joel is joined by Jacob Lampman on lead guitar, Graham Howland on bass (SIRES, Peas and Carrot), Ben Rendall on piano (Solo, TWINS) and Seth Luloff on drums (Holy White Hounds). Joel adds both guitar and voice to these understated and powerful songs.

Listeners will be immediately captured by the songs recorded in August of 2020 at Chandler Limited Studios in Shell Rock, Iowa by Seth Luloff. Joel’s songs on “Dog Years” capture feelings of reflection and longing. The music and lyrics leave the listener feeling wistful and in spite of that heaviness, hopeful. There are deep spaces in these songs that allow them to breathe and for each listen to catch a line or a note that is masterfully placed. “Dog Years” opens with a song titled, “Mexican Fireworks” including the line, “Even a chump like me can get lucky sometimes…” The final song, “Poison Valentine”, leaves the listener with the question, “Will you ever forgive me, kid, for all the stupid things I did?” With each of the songs the band creates a folk rock feel that serves as a perfect backdrop for these deeply crafted stories.

“Dog Years” is the first release on Seeder Records. It will be available on exclusive 10 inch vinyl via their Bandcamp page. 


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